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  • Als nieuwkomer op het forum, wil ik eerst zeggen dat dit een prachtig in elkaar gestoken forum is.

    Momenteel heb ik zelf een 924 te koop staan, omdat ik een 924T met alle mogelijke stukken van een GT gekocht heb. Ziet er volledig GT uit, zelf schijfremmen acheraan, 5-bouts wielen. Enkel de GT luchthapper ontbreekt.
    In het dagelijks leven rij ik gewoon met een Saab die gevoed wordt van de nodige turbodruk.

    Deze zomer zag ik dit echter op ebay Engeland. Denk dat het wel enige uurtjes gevraagd heeft om dit voor elkaar te boxen.


    Porsche 924S V8 for sale.

    Yes, thats right!! welcome to this auction for my brutal 924S V8 toy – WARNING: this auction is not for the faint-hearted or for inexperienced drivers. What i have for sale here is the result of several thousand pounds of research, development and testing culminating in the beast you see below……perhaps the ultimate ‘Q’ car…..

    This car started life as an ordinary Porsche 924S of 1986 vintage – a very fine car in standard form having all the beauty of the 924 body shape with all the technology of the superior 944 running gear. Road tests highly praise these cars as being superb handlers and i can confirm that they do stick to the road superbly. This car was a very good example of the marque, low mileage, unabused with a titled former owner – just right as the basis for my crazy plan…

    Its previous life seems a long way behind it now as it has undergone something of a transformation to become the car that Porsche should have made in the first place – a proper hairy chested sports car that will eat most things for breakfast, make a noise to set your pulse racing and see you smiling from ear to ear every time you sink behind the wheel.

    So what have we done?Well the original wheezy four pot engine has been junked and the cylinders doubled by way of a 3.5 Litre Rover V8, more used to hauling around a hulking great Range Rover. That should make the Porsche go better! But to be on the safe side, we thought we better breath on it as well … so on went a proper performance inlet manifold and monster 4 -barrel carb and a truly beautiful (and massively expensive £1450 alone) custom built full stainless steel performance exhaust system, along with upgrades to the ignition. Now it sounds meaty but restrained at tickover, building to a crescendo of wailing at full chat like a Nascar racer – it is one addictive noise……

    To cope with all that power we had to upgrade every other area. The brakes were gone through with new vented disks all round, pads, stainless braided brake hoses and reworked brake linkage. The propshaft was custom made from high grade steel to convert from the Porsche gearbox to the Rover engine ensuring standard consumable parts (clutches etc) can be used in the future. The gearbox was changed for a Porsche 944 Turbo limited slip differential box (worth over £600 on its own) in order to be able to get the power on the road – although it will still happily smoke its tyres in the dry, it just smokes them both! The cooling was taken care of to make sure the radiator could cope with the extra heat generated and the power steering was reworked to be run by the new engine. The instrumentation was converted to give an accurate rev counter and suitable ancillary gauges fitted – as you can probably see, every area was gone through and developed to work in harmony as a properly engineered conversion – not some home built hotch potch, this is a serious tool. I can attest to the conversion being good, as i have used this car as my daily transport covering well over 250 miles a week, rain or shine, without a single hitch for nearly a year – it really is that good!!

    And how does it go?I wont bore you with details about engine weights and weight distribution etc. but suffice to say, plenty of work has been done to get things spot on – almost perfect 50:50 weight distribution is the result – about as good as it gets for serious sports cars. Be warned though, this has way more power than grip and needs to be treated with serious respect in the wet – this is not a car for the inexperienced driver. Having said that, if you just want to pootle down to the shops it will do that easily with the torquey engine pulling strongly from around 200rpm – you can just bung it in fifth and potter in a very relaxed fashion if you want and it gobbles up motorway miles as only a German grand tourer can, effortlessly.

    If you feel more spirited you can plant your right foot and feel that V8 shove you back into the seat, but hang on tight as the horizon approaches pretty dang fast! Cornering is awesome with delightful poise and balance – once you have the hang of this car you can corner on the throttle and set up the most gratifying power slides you are ever likely to achieve (on a private test track of course 😉 ) ). For A-road dashes it is blisteringly quick, dispatching slower traffic in an a roaring instant to scuttle off round the next bend and should you find you need to stop in a hurry, the ample brakes pull you up sharp and true time after time – i know – i have tried.

    It really is useable as a daily driver, that is what i have been using it for as i have been developing it. It is equally as useable as a mental track day weapon, fun car or toy to take out when you need cheering up or feel like sorting out the neon clad driving youth and showing them who is boss – all to the glorious soundtrack of the hulking V8. Naturally it has all the luxuries associated with a car of this nature like electric windows, electric mirrors, huge electric sunroof (which is also removable to give open-air motoring), good stereo, superb heater, power steering, remote boot release etc.

    What sort of condition is it in?As you would expect from a daily driven car it is ready to drive away and enjoy – be that 400 miles up to Scotland or 10 miles down the road. Mechanically it wants for nothing to my knowledge and there are no known faults. It has only ever required fluids – namely fuel !!, windscreen washer fluid and a little oil once in a while (it drops a tiny amount if i am picky). It does not use water, nor overheat. The interior is in superb condition. Trimmed in black with half cloth Porsche-logo seats, it has not suffered from the usual wear and tear that these models do. The only items that warrant a mention are the dashboard that has cracked on the top – something they are famous for and cheap dash covers are available from the specialists to restore this. Frankly it doesnt bother me, the rest of the inside looks so good. Otherwise the speedo fails to register miles covered, although it indicates road speed as expected – again this is a familiar ailment to the model and easily rectified. Bodywork-wise the car is finished in solid black paint and looks very good. Clearly it is not a new car and some patina should be expected along with the usual marks collected by cars over time. The only non-standard item is the scoop on the bonnet, necessary to clear the air cleaner for the carb and the only clue to the beast that lurks within – it has been carefully colour matched to the body colour and chosen to be as subtle as possible. The front wings let the car down the most, sadly both have been damaged right on the front in front of the front wheels and they would benefit from some remedial work and respray – i have been quoted £200 to have this done professionally, but have been too busy enjoying the car to get it done – the damage is present in the photos below so you can gauge the severity. Frankly if you were handy, you could easily do it yourself in a day. There is NO bad rust or excessive corrosion underneath etc. as these cars were galvanised from the factory and consequently survive the harsh UK road conditions superbly. The factory Porsche teledial wheels are in excellent condition, although there are a couple of centre caps missing (again these are readily available). The tyres have plenty of life left in them (less in the rears! 😉 ) ), certainly enough to let you get totally used to the way the car drives and consume some rubber before you treat it to some more. They are not a matched set. Naturally all the electrics and ancilliaries work as intended, i certainly cant think of anything else that needs specifically mentioning other than the above – check out the pictures to see how smart it looks

    De meeneemprijs was 5750 POND!!!

    welkom op het forum.

    vraagje , die 924 die je te koop hebt staan, kan je daar wat meer info over geven.




    Het is een Porsche 924

    1ste inschrijving 08/11/1978.
    Op de teller staan 80162km.
    Er zitten 4 nieuwe banden op (0 km) 205/60 R15 91V
    samen met 4 deftige alu velgen (ATS)
    er zit een nieuwe uitlaat op.
    Probleem: het alarm dat ooit gemonteerd is, is defect waardoor ik hem niet aan de praat krijg.
    Voor oldtimer keuring staat hij technisch inorde, wel de remmen eerst inrijden.
    Hij was vroeger rood maar de vorige eigenaar heeft hem herspoten in een soort grijs.
    Maar op sommige plekken komt ze los en er zit ook een grote kras in de motorkap.
    Ik doe hem weg voor € 450.
    Je mag mij steeds bellen op 0479/788651.


    Eerst en vooral een hartelijk welkomop dit forum.
    Nu eventjes naar je vraagje over de Engelse 924 met V8 motor.
    Dat zal zeker een leuk hebbedingetje zijn , maar hou er ook rekening mee dat je deze wagen NOOIT op de openbare weg mag gebruiken daar je deze NOOIT gekeurd zult krijgen.
    Zelfs bij oldtimers wordt er sinds een tijdje gecontroleerd of het originele blok nog in de wagen ligt.


    Welk interieur zit erin?

    Sorry, wagen is sinds zaterdagvoormiddag verkocht
    in de namiddag is mijn andere wagen toegekomen.
    Na enig onderzoek blijkt het een 924 turbo te zijn. Na opzoeken van zijn PVG nummer zou het een type 931 moeten zijn.

6 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 6 (van in totaal 6)
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